Seaton Gateway Theatre Company

Fore Street, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2LD

Registered Charity 1167779

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T&C Map

Stage Lighting Technical Specifications.

Front of House Bar

With 12x15A outlets and 6 Strand Cantata fresnel 1200w spots, 4 strand Prelude 650w profile spots, 2 Strand 650w fresnel spots, PAR64 1000w, 13A distribution, DMX link to 4x LED Visage Multipar RGBAW(100w).

On stage spot bar

With 12x15A outlets, 10 Strand 650w fresnel Quartet spots, 1 Strand Prelude 650w profile spot, 13A distribution, DMX link to 4x LED Visage Multipar RGBAW(100w).

On stage bar 2

With 12x15A outlets and 8 Strand Quartet 650w fresnel spots, PAR64 1000w.

On stage cyc bar

With 12x15A outlets and 6 Strand 500w Coda Floods, 4x PAR64 1000w, 1x Pattern 23 500w profile spot (cookie!),  2x Strand Quartet 650w fresnel spots.

On stage

With 2x 63A outlets on Red Phase, 2 analogue Strand Tempus 2g 6x10A (12 outlets),  dimmer racks single phase 63A plugs. 2x Strand Act 6 dimmer racks 12 outlets (these are hard wired to the Yellow Phase & FOH bar only and cannot be plugged).

On Stage to the rear are 4x15A outlets and 4x13A sockets each side to the front.

On Stage 4x 10m long clean Fly Bars located up, centre and downstage.


The dimmers can be controlled either from backstage using a 24 way analogue desk or from the control/projection room at the rear of the hall.

The control room has a ZERO 88 FAT FROG desk, the DMX (Universe 1) is fed backstage through a DEMUX48 and hence backstage on analogue cables.

There is a further DMX Universe (2) link backstage.

When using the control room desk the backstage analogue control desk must be unplugged and vice versa.

There are also 2xStrand Solo 2k followspots located in the control room.

A free standing ladder is provided for access to the lighting bars.

Sound System Technical Specifications (Brief Outline)

Amp / Mixer

Xenyx 2442FX 16 channel mixer.

Palladium 100 Stereo Power Amp and wall mounted speakers to left and right of


CD player (phono out sockets only) with remote handset.

Note these are located back stage and cannot be controlled from the lighting box.

On stage

To the front are 4 XLR sockets, these are hard wired to sockets next to the mixer

Back stage.

3 Nos rifle mikes available with stands.

Deaf Loop ( be aware that this can cause problems with some musical instrument amps)

Sound monitor system in the dressing rooms and Control room.